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AMS Collection Codes

Codes are for Commercial Accounts Only

The following codes are for Commercial Accounts Only, and are guidelines to how we start the collection on a Past Due Bill or a NSF Check. When placing a claim you can choose how we start the collection process.

Audit Approach

Our collectors start by stating, we are trying to clear up some outstanding invoices for xyz company Your name was on the list and a review shows your account past due. When do you expect to get this account current, and can we help?

Code 1 Soft Approach

Phone calls & Demand letters to the debtor. Make debtor aware there's a collection problem and that a third party is now involved. A slap on the wrist and a "Let's get this paid up right away." In a lot of cases this approach is all that is needed to get this matter resolved.

Code 2 Strong Approach

Phone calls and strong demand letters. Serious action will be taken if the debt is not retired right away. There will be a sense of urgency in getting this account promptly paid.

Code 3 Action Approach

Phone calls and special correspondence will be sent. We will let the debtor know we have legal representation in the debtors area and are prepared to forward to the attorney if they refuse to respond.

Code 4 Attorney Approach

Have a collection Attorney in the debtors' locale call and make demands to assist in debt recovery and attempt to collect prior to litigation.

Code 5 Litigation

If all of the above efforts fail to collect your account , we will consult with you to see if it would be feasible to sue the debtor. If suit seems appropriate, our attorney will submit suit requirements for your approval.


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